Transforming a Land of Nothingness to an International Standard Swimming Pool

One 15 Marina Puteri Harbour Malaysia 18 months ago

One 15 Marina Puteri Harbour Malaysia 8 months ago

One 15 Marina Puteri Harbour Malaysia 8 days ago

Setting up an International Standard Swimming Pool 

It is our top priority to make sure that all equipment are delivered safe and sound

2 heavy load trucks to complete an international standard swimming pool!

Making sports accessible, sustainable, and feasible is what we love to do most!

We are honored to have partnered with Mr. Soh to be part of our project to complete the swimming pool facilities, equipment, and accessories for One 15 Marina Puteri Harbour Malaysia.

We don’t just deliver, we BUILD it UP & SET it UP for you!

Even before anything was installed, with boxes all over the place, this place is already looking amazing.

Setting-up of FINIS Turn Master at One 15 Marina

The #FINIS #Turnmaster does not only look majestic in the swimming pool but it provides great functionality too!

These are our top 2 favourite functions about FINS Turn Master that we love most!

☑️ It enhances the versatility of programming your swimming pool to maximize pool usage especially during this period of time when we all have to practice physical distancing.

☑️It is SUPER STABLE which provides swimmers the flexibility to practice their turning & stronger push-offs without worrying it would fall on you. 

☑️Not to mention how EASY and CONVENIENT it is to fix them up! 

Set-up of Anti Wave Racing Lanes at One 15 Marina’s Olympic-size Swimming Pool & SET it UP for you!

No one knows how important a good swimming lane is until they swim without one ?

What do we love about Anti Wave Performance Racing Lanes?

✅They are used in FINA and other top international competitions, which contributes to what has been recognized as the “fastest swimming pools in the world”.

✅  They can effectively dissipate the wave energy created by swimmers along the length of the interlocking lane lines and down into the water, creating a low turbidity environment for fastest swim times. This means that swimmers can hit better performance.

✅  They are produced using the highest quality materials and are shipped assembled ready for installation in your pool. EASY-INSTALLATION is always a win for all pool operators.

My pool is an overflow Swimming Pool, which type of lane anchor should I use for my lanes? 

One of the issues that came into consideration was the pool configuration at the initial stage. Different types of pool structure will require a different type of equipment and facilities, even to the slightest detail.

Instead of reconfiguring the entire pool structure, we have provided One 15 Marina with the alternative of Anti Wave Overflow Lane Anchor. The best part is:

✅It looks sleek and low profile on the pool deck

✅ Since the arm is rubber-coated, you do not need to worry about your pool tiles getting damaged.

Anti Wave Caddy Lane Saver

Keep your lanes protected!

This is often the minor things that are overlooked during the setup of a new pool but this Anti Wave Caddy Lane Saver it's going to save you big bucks in the long run.

How can this little Caddy work wonders for your swim lanes?
✅ It is designed to allow for smooth and unhindered movement of lanes during installation or removal that would often be damaged by the sharp pool edge.
✅ The best part is it provides for safe and quick removal and installation of Antiwave swimming racing lanes. So, even young swimmers can help to get the pool all set-up!

Anti Wave Backstroke Poles and Flag Set

Preventing your head from getting bumped into the wall!

Why do we prefer Anti Wave Back Stroke & False Start Poles and Rope Set?

One 15 Marina was looking to set up an international standard swimming pool. Hence, we recommended the Anti Wave Back Stroke Pole and Flag Set.
✅ It contains of a complete set of FINA Regulation SS Poles, Flags and Ropes, and Deck Hole Anchors.
✅ False Start Poles and Rope Set features a quick-release cam on the poles to allow rapid false start indication to swimmers.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaning made easy with Robotic Pool Cleaner

As the cost of maintaining a swimming pool is increasing by the year, the best possible solution in reducing the rising maintenance cost is by investing in a pool robotic cleaner.

We opt to recommend our clients with the best cleaning system that would only minimise the use of resources– saving you both time and money. This pool cleaning robot operate and filter completely independently of the pools main filtration system – as a result you can completely relax and enjoy your pool with full confidence as it is completely clean and hygienic. This little but mighty tool will definitely bring a more superior pool experience!

Your Emergency Care System

Are you prepped with your Emergency First-Aid Response Kit?

Versatility at it's best!
1 #spineboard that can fit 2 profiles, adult and child. Save space and save costs!

In the world of #emergency care, we know that it is of great importance to optimize stacking space and to satisfy all requests for ergonomically advanced rescue equipment. This new design brings together solidity, dynamics, space, performance, and at the same time sets a new standard for high performance spine boards!

#Firstaid is for everyone, everywhere.

#AED product training was conducted ensuring we deliver not only the products but also with the right knowledge to act.

Sharing as much information and experiences as we can because in any emergency situation, this knowledge will give you the #CONFIDENCE to act and that YOUR action could be the difference between life and death!

Water Safety and Lifeguard Equipment

Guarding the LIVES of the community around your facility

We strongly believe that You can't just deliver safety equipment without delivering the experience and information behind the function of each tool.

For every professional lifeguarding equipment delivered, we provided training and open learning sessions for all the staff involved to provide a more comprehensive user experience.

Safety and emergency equipment training was conducted to ensure that we deliver not only the products, but also with the right KNOWLEDGE to act and respond in an emergency.

Don't let your choice of ball hold you back!

Getting the right ball and the right storage!

Ever wish to have a faithful companion by the pool?

Introducing the #ANTIWAVE stainless steel storage bin!
Not only it ensures things are kept safely and conveniently but it will also give you peace of mind as all of your swimming equipment and accessories will be well taken care of! ?

This storage bin is going to hold all the beautifully designed Official FINA-approved game ball (for both men and women). YES! Both Men and Women can play Water Polo too!

No matter how different we are. Our lives are definitely transformed for the BETTER because of this one thing called SPORTS.

We enjoyed every moment of working with all our One 15 Marina Puteri Harbour Malaysia partners! We are so proud to be part of this project, and we can’t wait for the club’s grand opening!


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