Parenting Tips

CREATIVE Activities to Keep Yourselves Sane During the Lockdown

Have you been counting down the days to getting out of the lockdown? Running out of ideas to keep your kids occupied?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered! We have gathered some ideas for people of ALL AGES to kill their boredom during this period of confinement.

1) Get CREATIVE Together!

This is an amazing time to let your creative juices flow,  you can find some really easily accessible resources around your house.

  • Upcycling used materials into games or Giving the used product a second-life
  • Motor-sensory activity

A great way to help your toddlers or growing child to develop fine-motor skills, strengthening motor-coordination, and keep those little hands busy as they roll, squeeze, twist and build.

Check out this amazing ball-maze idea made from upcycling materials. Fun, Easy, and great for fine-motor and problem solving activity!

  • Time to bring the treasures out!

Spend some off-screen time with  your loved ones with some physical board games. Even though we are still under lockdown, it’s still essential to get our brains up and running through some FUN!

Get your hands on some classic board games such as Monopoly, Jenga, Uno, Battleship Connect 4, Boggle, Operation, CLUEDO, Snakes and Ladders, The Game of Life, Backgammon, Checkers, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, and more!

Don’t have any board games laying around? Get create with this FUN and SWEET treat! Check out how to create this awesome egg carton Mancala or what we Malaysians call CONGKAK here!

  • Creating a Vision Board

What an amazing time to SET or RESET our GOALS for the year! Vision boards will keep our goals on top of our mind whilst we constantly find ways to achieving them, and be a better version of ourselves!

2) Keeping Your Child on Track

This pandemic has certainly taken a lot of people by surprise, however, we are so blessed by technology and the Internet! It has certainly make LEARNING academically to soft skills so much more accessible worldwide.








Check out these amazing Educational Online Resources, the possibility is endless! This learning will certainly go beyond the textbooks, widen your child’s perspective while keeping learning interesting and engaging.
Even BIG Kids at TAD Sports Lab  got so hooked by most of the resources!

  • Develop some NEW Skills

This is a perfect time to train your child with some life skills, get them help out around the house, get cooking and baking, and get equipped with some new skills. Make this lockdown a PURPOSEFUL, MEANINGFUL, and FRUITFUL one!

  • Water-Safety Skills and Awareness

Click here to Download some FREE Water-safety Activity Booklet by STA.

Get some Screen-off activity sheets for your kiddos here by Goldfish Swim School

  • Learn a NEW language

These are some of the amazing Language learning websites that we have personally tried and fell in love with. It made learning a new language so much easier that will enable you to access it right at the click of your fingertip, anywhere, anytime. The best part is, you can learn through its audio-visual  tool and interactive interface! Check out Duolingo, Babbel, LearnaLanguage !

  • Learn a NEW Skill Online

Other than YouTube, you can browse through Skill Share to discover some free classes or sign up at a minimal cost to further enhance your career, passions and everything in between. This Lockdown is indeed a perfect opportunity to discover and explore new horizons.





Lastly, regardless where you are, remember to stay socially connected by physically distancing ourselves.  Check-in with your friends and families by calling them up, video call with useful apps such as WhatsApp Call/ Video Call, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts. This is also a season when we can strengthen our relationships, make up for the times when we were too busy at work or our daily lives.

Encourage one-another, spread kindness, and spread some love. You never know you might be able to cheer someone up or made someone else’s day.

For parents who have turned to a homeschooling parent overnight, don’t be anxious or fret over the new role. Remember, this is not about being the perfect homeschool teacher slash parent, by the end of the day, they will LOVE the moments and TIME you have spent with them. Their teachers might be doing an awesome job, but YOU are their parent, and NOTHING can replace that.

You might have tumbled into homeschooling because of  the Coronavirus or other reasons by surprise, but being CHOSEN to be their parent is definitely not by surprised!