We are a registered training provider for Wellness Programs in Malaysia.

All our programs are fully claimable through HRD Corp.

We help organizations enhance their workforce’s health through our Wellness Programs and transform team synergy through our Team Building Programs.


Improve your team’s welfare with yearly training programs and access to our state-of-the-art sports centre. All 100% HRDC claimable. Available in Penang only.

  • Yearly Swimming Pool Access
  • Yearly Fitness Classes Access
  • Yearly Wellness Classes Access
  • Yearly Basic Swimming Classes Access
  • Yearly Gym Access


All the benefits in the Wellness Program and a customize coaching program as below. All 100% HRDC claimable. Available in Penang only.

  • Basic Swimming Program
  • Deep Water Survival Program
  • Fitness & Wellness Training Program
  • Badminton Training Program
  • Pickleball Training Program
  • Self-Defense Training Program


In today’s evolving workplace, creating a cohesive workforce is challenging.

Our program blends land and water activities, enabling all team members, including those uneasy with water, to join in and promote effective communication and delegation. We focus on enjoyable learning and skill-building through shared experiences, fostering behavior change, empathy, and creative problem-solving—critical for organizational success.


For SPM school-leavers, our unique Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional (SLDN) program is recognized by the Department of Skill Development (DSD) under the Ministry of Human Resources. Through this program, participants can earn the Malaysian Skills Certificate while working at TAD Sports Lab.

TAD Sports Lab offers a Sports Coaching Course under the SLDN program, where apprentices can learn, train, and gain practical experience working as Sports Coaches.

This course aims to equip apprentices with the skills, knowledge, and entrepreneurial mindset required to thrive in the sports and recreational industry.

With this certification, apprentices will have opportunities to work in sports centres, swim schools, educational institutions, hotels, resorts, and theme parks.

For more information, drop us a message here or email us at gofor@tadsportslab.com.


Opportunity to further studies in the field of sports
Looking to further your studies in the field of sports? Join our Sports Coaching Program recognised by the Department of Skill Development (DSD) under the Ministry of Human Resources.
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Opportunity to build a professional career
Looking to build a career as a specialist in the field of sports? Join our team and explore the unlimited opportunities available to you in the world of sports.
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Opportunity to be a part of a growing industry
Looking for the right industry to excel in amidst the technology and AI revolution? Look no further. Industries like sports and education, which prioritize safety, effective communication, and interpersonal skills, are thriving alongside AI advancements.
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Opportunity to manage a business in sports, education and hospitality industry
Looking to build a business in the field of sports? We highly recommend joining our rewarding career path, where you can learn everything from coaching to business management.
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