Developing sports requires significant time, manpower, and capital, and it isn’t always plain sailing.

Over the years, we have broken down and simplified the expertise needed to develop sports. Much of our knowledge and experience comes from learning the hard way, turning our hindsight into your foresight.

We take the time to talk with our clients and partners, identifying where we can offer the best solutions, allowing them to focus on their other important goals.

Developing sports takes an entire ecosystem, and we take pride in providing solutions for all your sporting needs.

Struggling to find skilled and competent coaches?


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Facing challenges with events organization to keep your athletes motivated?

Sports Event Solutions

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Seeking sustainable solutions for building, installing, managing, and maintaining sports facilities?

Sports Facilities and Infrastructure Solutions

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All our Coaching Courses and Sports Event are 100% HRDCorp Claimable. We also conduct Sports Coaching Program under the National Dual Training System (SLDN) by the authority of Malaysia’s Human Resources.

100% HRD Corp Claimable
& SLDN Program

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There is a high demand for aquatics and sports coaches, but the supply of competent coaches is very low, especially in Southeast Asia. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality education and training programs that empower individuals to excel in the aquatics and sports industries. Our programs cover everything from sports management to coaching techniques and methodologies, providing practical skills and knowledge to meet the needs of schools, colleges, sports centres, clubs, hotels, resorts, and theme parks.

  • Swimming Coaching Program (WASWIM)
  • Life Saving Course
  • SwimAmerica Coaching Program
  • American Swimming Coaches Association Level 1 – 5
  • Supplying coaches to support school’s PE and After School Activities / Co-Curricular Activities
  • Supplying lifeguards to support schools’ and sports centres’ daily operations.
  • Supplying manpower and consultation to support schools, hotels, sports centres, and corporations requiring expertise in the sporting field.


Sports events are important to us because we believe in their impact on everyone involved, from athletes to coaches and even parents. Therefore, we are passionate about delivering safe, smooth, and scalable sports event services that can continue to be organized successfully and remain consistently self-sustainable.

Super Junior International Swimming Championships
WAHOO Water Polo Champions League
Around the World Night Aquatic Show (Fundraising Event for Artistic Sports Development)
Nur Cemerlang Family Day


No sports events or coaching can be conducted effectively and safely without proper sports facilities.

At TAD, we firmly believe that maintaining sports facilities is as crucial as building them to achieve their primary objectives. Therefore, the foundation of every sports facility must be established with a core purpose that ensures long-term sustainability.

Our expertise includes swimming pool fittings, installations, and maintenance. Our success is reflected in our partnership with the SPICE Aquatic Centre, the only indoor aquatic sports center that features a fitness center, fitness studio, badminton court, squash court, water park, and swimming pools. This centre delivers state-of-the-art sports facilities powered by our digital management system, ensuring safety and convenience for both our staff and customers.